Day 12- Vegan Challenge

Well, here I am at Day 12 of my vegan challenge. There have been some moments. One of those moments was when we went out with friends for dinner on my birthday. There were not many vegan options. I ended up getting a butternut squash and veggie dish which, by the way, cost $20.00! Huh?

When time for dessert rolled around, I decided I would take a small break from my challenge in honor of my birthday and have whatever dessert I wanted. So I guess, technically, I’ve cheated. Oh well. It was my birthday, damnit.

There was one other slip-up earlier in the week. I was making veggie tostadas with refried black beans and Morningstar meat substitute crumbles. Turns out, they contain egg AND milk. Of course, I didn’t read the label until I had already prepared the meal. To be honest, I’m not very impressed with the Morningstar brand. I used to buy their buffalo non-meat chicken tenders until I actually looked at the label on it. In addition to containing egg and milk, there’s also this stuff:


Last night we had some friends over for a Vegan potluck. I made some delicious maple-garlic glazed tempeh meatballs and sweet potato fries. For dipping the fries, I also made some super easy cashew cream.  We also had a beet, carrot, garbanzo and avocado salad and corkscrew pasta. It was all yummy!

Vegan Feast.

I must share the birthday card my husband gave me from my two-year old. I think the front photo says it all:

I can relate.

Yes, toddler-care has given me a whole new appreciation for wine and mothers of twins.


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  1. I’ve always thought it would be hard to “do vegan” by replicating a mainstream non-vegan diet. The “replicate” strategy has never worked for me. I am by no means vegan – I raise my own meat, have a flock of chickens for eggs, and I’m about to become a bee keeper. I personally eschew dogmatic eating. But, I do enjoy a number of recipes that include only plant ingredients. yum yum. So I think the hardest part of sticking to a vegan diet is the entire reimagining of foods required (for me, at least) to think out of my box, and into that one. I’m most interested in grains these days – how we eat them now, and how we used to eat them, and what changed. sprouting, fermenting, soaking… that’s what I want to try. I love the Food Renegade blog.

  2. Nothing counts on your birthday. The calories you eat all equal zero and cheat meals don’t exist… it’s your birthday after all! hehe.

    Some products from Morningstar are now vegan. I can’t think of them all off the top of my head, but I know the ones without breading like the grilled “chicken” patties, I believe those are vegan (and tasty!). Boca brand has a line of vegan stuff now too, it doesn’t say vegan on the package, just have to look for it. Also, Gardein brand is kind of $$$, but if you look at their label, most of their ingredients are more natural, and are also all vegan! We don’t buy much Morningstar or Boca anymore, but really do enjoy a lot of the Gardein products!

    Happy belated birthday!
    ~ Casey

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