Vegan Challenge Complete

Well, I made it. My 30-Day Vegan Challenge has officially reached its conclusion. As I continue to educate myself on food choices, I see myself leaning towards the vegan lifestyle but I don't think I can ever call myself a "vegan". I prefer the term "vegan-ish". We'll see what happens as my education progresses. In... Continue Reading →

Vegan Challenge- Home Stretch

Only four more days left in my "Vegan Challenge" and I have to confess something: I ate a bite of fish last week. I don't know what was going on with my metabolism but last week was extremely challenging due to my unquenchable appetite. I was feeling constantly hungry! It was very strange because I... Continue Reading →

Day 12- Vegan Challenge

Well, here I am at Day 12 of my vegan challenge. There have been some moments. One of those moments was when we went out with friends for dinner on my birthday. There were not many vegan options. I ended up getting a butternut squash and veggie dish which, by the way, cost $20.00! Huh?... Continue Reading →

30-Day Vegan Challenge: Go!

So, today a friend and I started the 30-Day Vegan Challenge. I thought it would be a good idea to document the next thirty days here as a  "journal" of this experience. The idea of going vegetarian has been something percolating in my brain for years but I never really found the determination to go... Continue Reading →

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do….

Dear Chik-fil-a, I know the timing is awful, being your"Appreciation Day" and everything, but I just don't think I can continue our relationship any longer. It's not you, it's me. Wait, that's not true. It is you. Oh, how I will fiercely miss your  warm, just the right amount of salty, crispy on the outside... Continue Reading →

Tuesday in Durango

So, hear I sit in my office cubby waiting for inspiration to strike. I've got nothing........ Nontheless, a promise is a promise. When in doubt, turn to the 80's. I gotta say, I loved spending my teenage years in this decade. Yes, the music was fantastically cheesy, as were the styles, for the most part.... Continue Reading →

Injecting a Little Love Into Your Day

Hello out there, fellow humans. I don't know what kind of a day you're having but I wanted to share a music video with those of you feeling a bit on the downside today. I absolutely adore this video. I don't know how much of it is scripted (obviously, some of it was) but it... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Unpleasantville

Sigh. You know, I wasn't really planning on delving too deeply into the "island of misfit toys" that are the GOP presidential candidates, but their WTF-ery has now made that impossible. Besides, writing about it may aid in the healing process. Have I inadvertently landed myself into Bizarro World? (Queue the latest Rick Santorum  ad... Continue Reading →

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